Oppikoppi 2014 – The Odyssey – Ard Matthews

Each year thousand of pepole make their way to Northam to attend the annual Oppikoppi festival. Each person attracted to Oppikoppi for their own reasons. Having been to a few Koppi’s myself, I have managed to break this down into three broad categories:

Favourite band
Favourite Band
Many people go to Oppikoppi because their favourite band is playing that year. They chill in their tents for most of the festival and only peak out when it is their favourite band playing. They watch the 40min set, and quickly crawl back to their tents. Then they go home and tell everyone that Oppikoppi is not such a great festival, but that the best band by far at this year’s festival has to be *INSERT FAVOURITE BAND NAME HERE*.

Many would argue that most people at each year’s Oppikoppi festival only have one thing in mind: To go on a huge bender. It is a three-day party where everything that is not illegal will most probably take place and where you can have the time of your life with your best friends or strangers, whilst some people make music on a stage somewhere far away from your tent. They’ve never seen any of the stages and never even heard of the Kleinbar at the top of the Koppi. For them Oppikoppi happens in and around their tents.

Music Lover
Can you imagine something as strange as this: People going to a music festival to listen to music? Outrages! Yes. Some people actually do go to Oppikoppi to see and listen to as many artists as they possibly can. Seeing old favourites. Discovering new joys. These people usually walk around with the line-up printed out and rolled up in their pocket, a highlighter in their backpack and a plan for each of the three days structured around the Oppikoppi line-up.

At Kilroy Was Here! Productions we try and cover all of these bases. In the build to Oppikoppi 2015 we will bring you clips from Koppi 14 – The Odyssey. Performanes from your favourite bands, bands that you’ve never heard of, bands that you’ve loved since you can remember, and bands that just brought a balls-to-the-wall *P*A*R*T*Y*.

We are going to start you off with one of the best male vocalists to have ever made waves in the South-African alternative scene. As frontman of Just Jinger (later Just Jinjer) Ard Matthews has been all around the world performing for crowds as big as sold out stadiums, to as small as the 100pax back2basix in Melville. A true legend of the South-African rock scene and a legend in the music industry.

Most surprisingly this was the first Oppikoppi that he has ever performed at and because of this, despite doing a solo set and performing songs from his debut solo album First Offerings, Ard Matthews decided to bring us some classics. Please enjoy these Just Jinger and Rodriguez hits performed as only the wonderful Ard Matthews can.

Ard Matthews – Shallow Waters

Ard Matthews – Crucify Your Mind

Ard Matthews – Sugarman

Please visit us again in a weeks time when we bring you some more of Koppi 2014 as we build up to Oppikoppi 2015.