Oppikoppi 2013: Discovering New Music

One of the joys of attending a music festival, as apposed a gig with only three bands on the bill, is that you do get to discover new artists and new music. I almost always rush back home after a big music festival to go buy the albums of these new artists.

Discovering new music that you like, is like opening a treasure chest filled with items you have never seen before, and wishing that you’ve always had them in your life. It is like a new friend to play with – before the friendship becomes complicated, filled with memories and regrets. A friend that you don’t know as of yet, but a friend that you know you will love until the day you die, and them some.

One of the greatest hunting grounds for these “treasure chests”, these “new friends”, is Oppikoppi. With over 100 artists each year, ranging from Kwaito to Punk and Electro to Blues, you are bound to to discover artists you have never had the pleasure of listening to.

My biggest discoveries at Oppikoppi 2013 Bewilderbeast was Naas Veld and Goodnight Wembley. To be truthful – I knew about both of these artists before going to Oppikoppi.

I knew Naas played in a Rockspaaider winning band called Ef-El. I also knew that the band broke up, and that Naas went solo. But I never did listen to Ef-El that much, and subsequently never made much of an effort to listen to the solo stuff Naas released.

Until after this of course:

Naas Veld – Southern African Sun (Oppikoppi 2013)

Naas Veld – Moving In Circles (Oppikoppi 2013)


As for Goodnight Wembley. I knew that George van der Spuy (Taxi Violence) is the frontman of Goodnight Wembley and, because I am a big Taxi Violence fan, I have been following Goodnight Wembley. But I have never been able to attend any of their gigs. Now I know what I’ve been missing – and never shall I miss this again:


Goodnight Wembley – Time Machine (Oppikoppi 2013)


Best discovery of Oppikoppi 2012? Follow the link.