Oppikoppi 2013: David van Vuuren

Idols, The Voice, America’s Got Talent, X Factor. Every day on almost all television channels you see these shows. Hopefuls are taken from obscurity and in a matter of months they are made into world wide stars, and then… well, usually they return to obscurity, never to be heard of or seen again.

Making a life for yourself in the music industry, as in any other industry, takes many years of very hard work and a lot of endurance. This is something that is not put to the test during a season of Britain’s Got Talent or The Voice. This is something most contestants, winners or otherwise, find out the hard way, once they leave the safeguard of a reality show like Idols. This is the life of giving 200% while you perform and receiving only two new fans for it, that real musicians who play hundreds of gig’s, to sometimes very small audiences, at very low rates, know all to well.

Sometimes these two worlds meet. Like in the case of David van Vuuren. A real musician, with the gift of songwriting and the ability to reduce one to tears with his awe-inspiring performances. He also happens to be the winner of the 7th Season of Idols (SA). Although he has been trying to break this ‘Idols mould’ as soon as he was announced the winner.

At Oppikoppi 2013: Bewilderbeast David was awarded a slot at the very iconic ‘Klein Bar’ stage at the top of the koppie. He was awarded an opportunity to show all that be, that no mould is great or unique enough for him to fit in, let alone the ‘tainted Idols mould’.

He grabbed onto this opportunity with both hands and what ensued was one of the best performances those, lucky enough te be present, have ever seen. We were fortunate enough to capture this for the WorldWideInternetRepublicOfKilroy:


If We Don’t Fear by David van Vuuren


David van Vuuren and Tammy Jones (Southern Gypsey Queen)


The last song of his set at Oppikoppi left everyone speechless.


Be sure to check out the rest of David van Vuuren’s performance at Oppikoppi Bewilderbeast by visiting the Kilroy Was Here YouTube channel.