Fokofpolisiekar: The Bewilderbeast Of Oppikoppi 2013

Every time you read or listen to people share their thoughts about Fokofpolisiekar, you realise very quickly just how passionate people are about them and their music. It becomes very clear just how deep-reaching and extensive their cultural impact is, and how thousands of 20 to 40 year old South Africans cherish the ideological, socio-cultural and political ideals (or very often the lack thereof) that Fokofpolisiekar so successfully discuss in their music.

You often hear people talk them up, ask them about why and how they became the undisputed Gods of Rock. Fans talk endlessly about their success and why the combination of Wynand, Francois, Snake, Johnny and Hunter strike the perfect balance between apathetic and emotional, between studio-recording and live-performance, between being aggressively-passionate yet still having the presence of mind to not disregard any of the intricacies of the ideals they fight for. Why, even if we live for another 100 years, this will be the greatest band South Africa will ever see. We write blogs and books and dissertations about it. We have conversations about it with our friends, parents, enemies or even those old-Afrikaans ooms that like to sokkie.

I know this, because I am guilty of all of the above.

Then yesterday, during one of my very own subconscious-Fokofpolisiekar-analysis-sessions, it hit me. If ever there was a band proficient and adept at speaking for themselves without any need for further explanation or clarification it is this band. If ever there was a band we did not have to write anything about because they themselves have said it all: It would be Fokofpolisiekar. Why then do we attempt to add to what has been created by Fokofpolisiekar? None of us will ever be able to explain that.

So please enjoy the 5-man-masterpiece from Bellville as they speak for themselves:

Fokofpolisiekar: Celebrating 10 Years at Oppikoppi Bewilderbeast.

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