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Oppikoppi 2014 – The Odyssey – Ard Matthews

Each year thousand of pepole make their way to Northam to attend the annual Oppikoppi festival. Each person attracted to Oppikoppi for their own reasons. Having been to a few Koppi’s myself, I have managed to break this down into three broad categories: Favourite band Many people go to Oppikoppi because their favourite band is […]

Fokofpolisiekar: The Bewilderbeast Of Oppikoppi 2013

If ever there was a band proficient and adept at speaking for themselves without any need for further explanation or clarification it is this band. If ever there was a band we did not have to write anything about because they themselves have said it all: It would be Fokofpolisiekar.

Oppikoppi 2013: David van Vuuren

At Oppikoppi 2013: Bewilderbeast David was awarded a slot at the very iconic ‘Klein Bar’ stage at the top of the koppie. He was awarded an opportunity to show all that be, that no mould is great or unique enough for him to fit in, let alone the ‘tainted Idols mould’.

Oppikoppi 2013 Bewilderbeast: Samehorigheid in die naam van musiek

Oppikoppi is `n samevoeging van alles wat goed is. Die glimlagte, die genot, die partytjie, die liefde en die samehorigheid in die naam van musiek. Dis hoekom daar jaarliks 15 000 – 20 000 mense is wat vroeg Augustus die gemak van hul voorstedelike huise verlaat, die gatpaaie en stofdraaie na Northam aandurf, en die huis van hul harte binne gaan: Oppikoppi.