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Veldkinders – Joubert Tweeling Dokumentêr

In Augustus het ons afgeskop met ons televisie dokumentêr reeks wat gaan oor die Joubert familie en hulle plaas Tweeling naby Bothaville in die Vrystaat. Hierdie projek is ‘n nuwe een vir ons omdat dit oor so ‘n lang tydperk strek, maar wat al die afgelope twee maande gebeur het maak ons baie opgewonde.

Dit Was Goed.

Laas week het ons ‘n draai gemaak in die Kaap om ‘n pilot te skiet vir ‘n Die Wasgoedlyn.  Riku en Jackie Lätti het ons orals geneem om ‘n hele spul talentvolle musiekante af te neem. Dit was baie eintlik baie werk, maar ons onthou net hoe lekker die musiek en die omgewing was.

Sprokie van ‘n Stadskind

Dis baie maklik om te sê jy het nie hoogtevrees nie, totdat jy op die dak staan van ‘n 18-verdieping gebou. Ons het gister bo-op ‘n klompie geboue in Johannesburg CBD toegang gekry om ‘n paar videos op te neem vir Hoërskool Oosterlig se gospel revue, Sprokie van ‘n Stadskind.

Proverb’s Humble Manifest

When you have a sitdown edit with one of South Africa’s biggest hip hop rappers, you get nervous and expect the worst, because this guy did not get to where he is by playing nice, it’s a cat eat cat world out there! However this was not the case with ProVerb.

Sweet September Launch

At the end of August Rick from Duck Rabbit Studios asked us to film the Holiday Inn Express’ Sweet September Launch. It featured some fantastic South African musicians like Jacques Terre’Blanche, Shannon Hope, Daniel Baron, & The Graeme Watkins Project.

Strong Story

These past two days felt super long, but also whizzed by exceptionally fast. The whole David Freeman workshop was chucked full of great techniques to really deepen you characters and scenes and instill audiences with empathetical connections to the characters.

Location. Location

e’ve been a been quite this week, I’ve been editing and animating pretty much non-stop, trying to get the Bond skit done for Avroy Shlain. Gideon has been finishing off scripts, shooting some random bits and pieces and editing some scenes for a stage production cutaway clips. Today we have been up super early to […]

  • Ricky Ricky testing the Evil Chair
  • Mirror, Mirror Lining up Ricky's shot
  • Shaken not stirred How long do I have to wait to get service here?
  • Q's Lab Inside Q's Lab
  • Spying Greg as Bond's body double
  • Ricky in Action Ricky in Action

Bond. James Bond.

his past Friday I was directing at a video shoot for Avroy Shlain at the fantastic Propstars studio.  I was overwhelmed when I first saw the Propstars warehouse of props, furniture and great studio.  This place is absolutely awesome, they have so much stuff, the art director in me went crazy.  It is also very […]

Space Camera

his weekend we were out in the freezing cold to go shoot a Basketball match for the BBall show, just so they can get a feel for how we do it and what product they will get.  An insert audition.  There is one thing I can tell you; I know where the idea for Space […]

Rule #1: Never stop creating

hatever you do, whatever you make, the rule is universal: never stop creating.  You will make lots and lots of crap, then you will make lots and lots of art, but you need to make that crap in order to get to the truly amazing creation.  It’s not rocket science, everything you make shouldn’t have […]